Yun Ying Li – Modern Artist from an Ancient Land

Winner of the City of Chicago’s “Top New International
Artist” award

From soft colorful lines to writhing torrents of paint and fabric, creative genus flows
like paint for Yun Ying Li, one of the most prolific and acclaimed international artists ever to make her home in LA.

But creative genius is a restless energy that drives like an inexorable taskmaster, or so it is for
Yun Ying.

Born on the vast plains of Northeastern China, Yun Ying was fortunate to escape their emptiness for the mountainous beauty of Jiling province where she began her curiosity and expressive passion for art and music.

A driven artist, Ms. Li entered the prestigious Tianjin Art Institute where she studied from
traditional masters of Chinese and Western Art.

It wasn’t long before Yun Ying felt confined by the restrained style of Socialist Realism
acceptable in China.   She pushed the boundaries of Chinese art by blending in contemporary western idioms and developed a quiet following of collectors hungry for more daring expressive power and beauty.

Yun Ying’s work eventually came out of the shadows when Chairman Dung Shao Ping’s daughter became a collector and included two of Yun Ying’s works in the newly built China Gallery in Shenzhen.

With this came tacit approval from the government, freeing Yun Ying to show her works to a wider audience and feeding her creative energies.

Yun Ying’s work showed to great acclaim throughout China with exhibitions in some of China’s
finest museums and galleries including:
China’s Museum of Art in Beijing
The Guangdong Museum in Guangdong Province
The Shenzhen Museum in Shenzhen City
Guangzhou’s Museum of Art
The International Exhibition Center in Beijing

Her acclaim spread internationally as her works were shown and collected in Taiwan, Japan, England, France, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

This international recognition opened the door for her to come to the United States when she was selected top new international artist, winning the Chicago Artists International award sponsored by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Yun Ying came to Chicago where she held exhibitions at several top museums and galleries including:
The Art Institute of Chicago
The Chicago Cultural Center
Satori Fine Art Gallery
Akainyah Gallery

She also guest lectured at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University,
and the University of Illinois.

She found the energy of Chicago’s artistic community a tremendous spark to her creative verve. She
produced several works embodying her feelings of the freedom and adventure of her New World.

After showing and traveling extensively throughout the United States, Yun Ying settled in Beverly Hills, where she expanded her creative endeavors to include fashion, costumes, and music.

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